I’m a musician, recording artist, and graphic production artist with over forty years playing and recording music, and nearly forty years in the printing industry.


Since the early days of MIDI recording and desktop publishing on a Mac, my passion for the digital revolution has always centered around how to use amazing software and hardware tools to bring the sounds and images in my head out into the world.


As a bass player, my role has been foundational support for the vocalist, soloist, and the song in general. Similarly, as a graphic production artist my role has been to give support to a team of editors, art directors, and designers to fully realize a shared vision.


Whether you’re a magazine or book publisher, ad agency, graphic designer, web developer, print shop owner, video or film production company, music library, musician, or band, I can offer the experience and support you need to help you realize your vision.

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©2015 Mark Dobroth